Large-Scale Nonlinear Optimization – G. DI PILL0

Daftar isi buku ini :

  1. Fast Linear Algebra for Multiarc Trajectory Optimization, Nicolas Be’rend, J. Fre’de’ric Bonnans, Julien Laurent- Varin, Mouni Haddou, Christophe Talbot
  2. Lagrange Multipliers with Optimal Sensitivity Properties in Constrained Optimization, Dimitri P. Bertsekas
  3. An O(n2) Algorithm for Isotonic Regression, Oleg Burdakov, Oleg Sysoev, Anders Grimvall, Mohamed Hussian
  4. KNITRO: An Integrated Package for Nonlinear Optimization, Richard H. Byrd, Jorge Nocedal, Richard A. Waltz
  5. On implicit-factorization constraint preconditioners, H. Sue Dollar, Nicholas I, M, Gould, Andrew J. Wathen
  6. Optimal algorithms for large sparse quadratic programming problems with uniformly bounded spectrum, Zdengk Dostdl
  7. Numerical methods for separating two polyhedra, Yury G. Evtushenko, Alexander I. Golikov, Sued Ketabchi
  8. Exact penalty functions for generalized Nash problems, Francisco Facchinei, Jong-Shi Pang
  9. Parametric Sensitivity Analysis for Optimal Boundary Control of a 3D Reaction-Diffusion System, Roland Griesse, Stefan Volkwei
  10. Projected Hessians for Preconditioning in One-Step One-Shot Design Optimization, Andreas Griewank
  11. Conditions and parametric representations of approximate minimal elements of a set through scalarization, Ce’sar Gutie’rrez, Bienvenido Jime’nez, Vicente Novo
  12. Efficient methods for large-scale unconstrained optimization, Ladislav LukSan, Jan VlCek.
  13. A variational approach for minimum cost flow problems, Giandomenico Mastroeni
  14. Multi-Objective Optimisation of Expensive Objective Functions with Variable Fidelity Models, Daniele Peri, Antonio Pinto, Emilio F. Campana
  15. Towards the Numerical Solution of a Large Scale PDAE Constrained Optimization Problem Arising in Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Modeling Hans Josef Pesch, Kati Sternberg, Kurt Chudej
  16. The NEWUOA software for unconstrained optimization without derivatives M.J.D. Powell

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Principles of Mathematics in Operations Research – Levent Kandiller

Daftar isi buku ini :
1 Introduction

2 Preliminary Linear Algebra

3 Orthogonality

4 Eigen Values and Vectors

5 Positive Definiteness

6 Computational Aspects

7 Convex Sets

8 Linear Programming

9 Number Systems

10 Basic Topology

11 Continuity

12 Differentiation

13 Power Series and Special Functions

14 Special Transformations

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Optimization – Kenneth Lange

Daftar isi buku ini :
1 Elementary Optimization
2 The Seven C’s of Analysis
3 Differentiation
4 Karush-Kuhn-Tucker Theory
5 Convexity
6 The MM Algorithm
7 The EM Algorithm
8 Newton’s Method
9 Conjugate Gradient and Quasi-Newton
10 Analysis of Convergence
11 Convex Programming

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Buku yang membahas tentang optimasi dan anaisis ekonomi secara lengkap beserta apliaksinya.

Daftar isi buku ini :Part I Single-Objective Optimization

1 Scarcity and Efficiency

2 Kuhn–Tucker Conditions

3 Convex Programming

4 Linear Programming

5 Data Envelopment Analysis

6 Geometric Programming

Part II Multiobjective Optimization

7 Fundamentals of Multiobjective Optimization

8 Multiobjective Linear Programming

9 Multiobjective Geometric Programming

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Linear programming and its applications

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INTEGER AND MIXED PROGRAMMING Theory and Applications – Arnold Kaufmann

Buku tentang pemrograman integer dan pemrograman campuran beserta aplikasinya.

Daftar isi buku ini :



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Geometric algorithms and combinatorial optimization

Buku tentang algoritma geometric dan optimasi kombinatorial.

Daftar isi buku ini :

Chapter 0. Mathematical Preliminaries
Chapter 1. Complexity, Oracles, and Numerical Computation
Chapter 2. Algorithmic Aspects of Convex Sets: Formulation of the Problems
Chapter 3. The Ellipsoid Method
Chapter 4. Algorithms for Convex Bodies
Chapter 5. Diophantine Approximation and Basis Reduction
Chapter 6. Rational Polyhedra
Chapter 7. Combinatorial Optimization: Some Basic Examples
Chapter 8. Combinatorial Optimization: A Tour d’Horizon
Chapter 9. Stable Sets in Graphs
Chapter 10. Submodular Functions

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Discrete Optimization – K. Aardal

K. Aardal et al., Eds., Handbooks in OR & MS, Vol. 12

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Global Optimization Algorithms Theory and Application – Thomas Weise

Buku tentang riset operasi yang membahas teori optimasi dan aplikasinya.

Daftar isi buku ini :

Part I Global Optimization

1 Introduction

2 Evolutionary Algorithms

3 Genetic Algorithms

4 Genetic Programming

5 Evolution Strategy

6 Evolutionary Programming

7 Learning Classifier Systems

8 Ant Colony Optimization

9 Particle Swarm Optimization

10 Hill Climbing

11 Random Optimization

12 Simulated Annealing

13 Extremal Optimization

14 Tabu Search

15 Memetic and Hybrid Algorithms

16 Downhill Simplex (Nelder and Mead)

17 State Space Search

18 Parallelization and Distribution.

19 Maintaining the Optimal Set

Part II Applications

20 Experimental Settings, Measures, and Evaluations

21 Benchmarks and Toy Problems

22 Contests

23 Real-World Applications

24 Research Applications

Part III Sigoa – Implementation in Java

25 Introduction

26 Examples . .

Part IV Background

27 Set Theory

28 Stochastic Theory and Statistics

29 Clustering

30 Theoretical Computer Science

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